Mignon Keyser is an amazing strategist and facilitator. In the infancy of my time as CEO of Enke: Make Your Mark, she worked with the team and board to redefine our organisational purpose enabling a positive and effective leadership transition that has enabled the organisation to grow and flourish.

From the first consultation to design what would have normally been a challenging process, to the delivery of a transformational 2-day strategic retreat, she guided us in creating a lasting and impactful purpose that was true to our philosophy and approach.

This is indicative of her skill and capacity as a Facilitator to build an inclusive environment that allows all to have a voice and apply that to the purpose of the organisation. Beyond working with Mignon within my organisation, I have also been fortunate to collaborate with her in providing transformational training and organisational strategy for other clients.

Her open approach, flexibility and ability to bring all individuals, no matter their background or “level” in an organisation is an inspiration to experience as a participant of her sessions and observe as a co-facilitator. I personally have learned so much about leadership, strategy, inclusive management and facilitation from her.

– Rufaro Mudimu | Chief Executive Officer, Enke

Mignon has been supporting Edufundi with strategic planning since late 2019. Our first facilitated session with her was remarkable, we came in to the session all jumbled up about what to do next and within the space of 3 hours Mignon was able to support us in clarifying some of our thoughts around programme design. We ended the session with time to spare, feeling clearer and more certain about next steps going in to 2020.

In early 2020 Mignon facilitated a strategic planning session for our whole organisation. After two days of unpacking many of the details and getting everyone’s input, we left with 6 strategic goals to implement over the next 12-24 months. We are currently in the process of revisiting our strategic goals given the current pandemic, and Mignon is going to be supporting us with this process too.

What I love about the way in which Mignon facilitates is her uncanny ability to listen very carefully and distil the thoughts in the room with very intuitive follow up questions and discussion. She has a remarkable ability to read the room and find the most important thread to focus on. This has been especially helpful during these uncertain times. I highly recommend her as a facilitator for your organisation/company.

Taryn Casey – CEO – Edufundi

Mignon Keyser did a great job in facilitating our strategy review last week. She got us to reflect on the assets, the skills and the products we could get out to the market, in a significantly changed context. Her private sector experience added amazing value to our NPO processes. I love that there is post strategy planning support too! We walked out with a clear sense of where we need to go, which ideas have legs and a realistic implementable plan. Possibly the best strategic planning process I have had the pleasure of being part of. Being relatable also helped as she made everyone feel comfortable to voice their concerns and ideas.

– Vuyiswa Ncontsa
Chief Executive Officer – BRIDGE Innovation in Learning Organisation (“BRIDGE”)

I contacted Mignon at a point in the Covid crisis when I was feeling overwhelmed about the challenges and uncertainty we were experiencing. As a leader of a Non Profit Organisation, I was having to make many difficult decisions and we needed to rethink our entire 2020 strategy. Mignon was an incredible support during this time, really making herself available to guide us through a process of how to respond and recreate and innovate, using our strengths and working together as a team. I really appreciated her willingness to be a sounding board, her wise advice, her referrals to experts in her network, and of course, her ability to hold space for the team, even given the challenges that come with team Zoom meetings! We now have a clear plan for the way forward!

– Janna Ketzmer – CEO, Earthchild

Director of Strategy Circle -Mignon Keyser delivers service like we have never experienced before.

Mignon has carried Compass Fire through many challenges including Covid 19, lockdown and readiness to return to work at Level 3. From day to day practicalities, to how to future proof the business by the way we deal with existing struggles and how to strategize the way forward.

Compass Fire has been with The Strategy Circle for 2 years. We never expected Mignon to go beyond the call once the pandemic hit. Mignon has offered to carry us through this uncharted time with much confidence. This gave us a room to meet and just get our fears and anxieties aired. Practical exercises sent ahead of time to later meet via Zoom meetings to work through. Sometimes even one on one sessions. At no cost! This is unheard of in today’s world.

Before being a part of The Strategy Circle meetings Compass Fire was navigating in the dark and alone. Mignon has made us feel like a partner, included in the round table of like-minded entrepreneurs needing a sounding board and concrete solutions to business challenges.

Thank You Mignon, for me Strategy Circle has been a gem, found in the rough (Covid) experience.

May The Strategy Circle’s net continue to reach further and wider for years to come.

Kind regards

– Wendy and Gary Le Breton, Compass Fire

After leaving College SA (SA College of Home Study), where Mignon helped the Marketing Department with Strategic Planning and implementation, I started the Home Study Group. Home Study Group includes a number of small or start-up businesses, mostly busy with Distance Learning / Home Study, as well as offering study group services to Unisa students. Mignon was key in helping us make the transition from selling out of the old business, and starting up the new business. Her common-sense advise, ability to speak truth to power, empathy, tenacity, grit and endless positiveness was and remains a key strength in our business. She might be a consultant, but she acts as a trusted business partner. She helped us work on our culture from day one. Helped us transition a small team out of a big business, to start a new business. Took us through strategic planning, and helps us put the train back on the tracks again and again. Helping us keep to the plan, and say “no” to the distractions is a thankless task that she does with incredible grace and patience. She is able to herd cats exceedingly well.

Jan Badenhorst – CEO – Skills Academy