Working for yourself is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.


The Strategy Circle is a confidential, problem solving forum that provides advice, support and clearer focus. It’s a safe space where you can talk to other like-minded business owners about what matters to you, knowing that they understand what you are going through and can assist you because they have experience and business expertise that you can tap into.

We are entrepreneurs

We solve problems and support each other. It’s a fantastic space for people who love business and learning and who want to experience a sense of belonging to a group who “gets” you, has your back and supports you in what could otherwise be a lonely and frustrating endeavour. We get real, we look under the hood of the business to see what can be improved, what can be done better. We deal with what is really going on.

We believe the best support for entrepreneurs comes from other entrepreneurs.

There is so much to learn about business with, and from, business owners. They are the ones that are on the court, in the game – growing our economy. They tend to be brave and clever and trying to make a difference, our favourite kind of people.


Join a facilitated business group and get 2 hours a month with a business coach and 7 experts.


The Strategy Circle combines the power of the strategic process and its questions to find direction and results; with the power of circles of people working together with a shared interest and intention.

For over 20 years, our business has successfully helped more than 600 entrepreneurs, NGOSs and corporate organisations navigate business challenges in a facilitated manner.

Entrepreneurs that are properly supported by their peers and a process that gives them time to work on their business and not just in their business are far more likely to succeed.

You don’t have the time to not have time for strategy!

Find the advice, direction and support you need to move your business where you want it to go, for a fraction of the cost of a business coach or consultant.

The Strategy Circle is a closed monthly gathering of business peers who will support, challenge and hold you accountable to your vision.


What you get:

A 2 hour session, once a month with an experienced business coach, attended by 8 other business owners with similar business sizes and maturity

Each person gets to solve a business problem in a confidential, supportive environment, learning from an expert facilitator

Sessions are based in Cape Town

Our Testimonials

I’ve been a member of The Strategy Circle for 2 years now, and although I have business coaches, and although I am a member of other networks, I really look forward to the unique experience and solutions I get from being a member of a mastermind group. Mignon is an excellent facilitator. If you are an employer, I recommend trying out one of her sessions.

Michèle Macnab – Hells Bells

Mignon Keyser is a very skilled facilitator and I can recommend her sessions as a MUST DO for every entrepreneur. It is never too soon or too late to work on a strategy for your business.

Marelé Moolman form Freerange Jewels

Wow, I have attended the last 2 days strategy circle with Mignon and hosts , she is a very skilled facilitator and i have learned so much as a business owner of 16 years. If you want to be a black belt in your arena , this is the place to learn and be guided

Glenda Ingram

I met with Mignon in January to do a “Priority” session to kick start my year. I can definitely say it has by far been the best start to my year. Mignon gave me a few focus area’s to work on and just by using one of these, it had made a tremendous change to the way by business is run from an efficiency point of view. So… thank you Mignon Keyser.

Lee Ernstzen

Mignon has an amazing ability to get you talking, get to the heart of the issue. She facilitates the circle sessions with an expertise that is amazing. We are able to, collectively, activate solutions for our businesses.

– Mike Taberner – Brandesign

Our business has grown in leaps in bounds since involving Mignon with our strategy planning, goal setting and setting up proper business processes. She has a keen insight, enthusiasm and drive that is inspiring and refreshing. Her networking skills are amazing!!

Lileen van der Vyver – Clearfin

I have had the pleasure of working with Mignon a few times over the years in both of my businesses, She brings in a focused clarity as to where you are in your business at any given time, getting you to see what actions are required to get to the next level. The results are always measurable, Thanks Mignon Keyser you rock!!

Mark Johns CEO – The Window It and Wind and Solar.

I have found Mignon’s Business Groups with The Strategy Circle supremely useful, both in developing my business as well as in gaining clarity on my personal career goals and values. The group is a powerful support tool, bringing a safe and non-judgmental space with people of varying business experience and perspectives to bounce off. As a direct result of our group sessions, I have launched a successful brand and changed my mode of work to one that suits my lifestyle better, bringing more flexibility, productivity and joy! Thank you Mignon Keyser.

Sarah Jayne Fell – Oneday Company.

Who we have worked with

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