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Working for yourself is

hard, but you don’t have

to do it alone.

Join a facilitated Cape Town business

group and get 2 hours a month with a

business coach and 7 experts.


Try it for just R190!

Entrepreneurs that are properly supported by their peers and a process that gives them time to work on their business and not just in their business are far more likely to succeed.


You don’t have the time to not have time for strategy!


Find the advice, direction and support you need to move your business where you want it to go, for a fraction of the cost of a business coach or consultant.

The Strategy Circle is a closed monthly gathering of business peers who will support, challenge and hold you accountable to your vision.


What you get:

A 2 hour session, once with a month with an experienced business coach attended by 8 other business owners with similar business size and maturity

Each person gets to solve a business problem in a confidential, supportive environment, learning from an expert facilitator

Sessions are based in Cape Town

“Learn from other people’s mistakes.

Life’s too short to make them all yourself.”

– Sam Levenson

You may be wondering about the kinds of questions we’ve answered together…

  • What is the next key hire in my business?
  • How do I get rid of this toxic person who is ruining my team?
  • I’m exhausted and I’m not coping
  • I feel overwhelmed – there is just so much to do?
  • I’m stuck! I cannot see where to next?
  • My client is a bully……….
  • I’m not convinced that my strategy is right
  • How do I handle the big contract too few staff..
  • I hate my business and I feel trapped.
  • Should I sell my business?
  • Should I close my business?
  • Should I go into partnership?

Meet your facilitator, Mignon Keyser

I have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in the last twenty years doing strategy planning and organisational development. I have worked in corporates and NGO’s. 

I have had my own business in one form or another for the last 17 years and have been running groups like this since I started my first business in 2003.

I have produced course material for numerous business incubator programmes, and I’m passionate about seeing other entrepreneurs win.
“I have been fortunate to be part of a business group facilitated by Mignon Keyser for the past 7 months. I find the monthly meetings invaluable both in terms of what I gain as well as what I contribute. 
The relaxed yet structured format creates a space that is safe and non-judgemental which allows for very constructive and rewarding time spent. 
Mignon’s facilitation is key and I am constantly impressed by the depth of her knowledge and ability to succinctly and neatly assess problems and situations to assist the group in learning from each other.”
Brett Chilcott – Room to Grow

Make better decisions with the help of a thoughtful and objective soundboard

Solve tricky problems with others who have REAL experience

Have people challenge and improve your thinking

Expand your professional network and build trust based business relationships that result in more business

From the mouths of The Strategy Circle clients…

Mignon Keyser is an amazing strategist and facilitator. In the infancy of my time as CEO of Enke: Make Your Mark, she worked with the team and board to redefine our organisational purpose enabling a positive and effective leadership transition that has enabled the organisation to grow and flourish.
From the first consultation to design what would have normally been a challenging process, to the delivery of a transformational 2-day strategic retreat, she guided us in creating a lasting and impactful purpose that was true to our philosophy and approach.
This is indicative of her skill and capacity as a Facilitator to build an inclusive environment that allows all to have a voice and apply that to the purpose of the organisation. Beyond working with Mignon within my organisation, I have also been fortunate to collaborate with her in providing transformational training and organisational strategy for other clients.
Her open approach, flexibility and ability to bring all individuals, no matter their background or “level” in an organisation is an inspiration to experience as a participant of her sessions and observe as a co-facilitator. I personally have learned so much about leadership, strategy, inclusive management and facilitation from her.
Rufaro Mudimu | Chief Executive Officer, Enke
I have found my peer group support invaluable. The trusted thinking partnership, expertly facilitated and supported by Mignon Keyser, has given me immense wisdom and helped me work through some of the toughest decisions and choices I have made as a business owner.
I consider it an essential part of my business strategy and operation.
Kate Shead – HR Centrix

Clarity. Action. Results.


Sign up for a trial session at R190 and bring those to your business now.

Send your details and Mignon will contact you with more information about joining a group