Our approach to strategy:
We believe that you know about your business, you are the expert in your space and we have the questions that will unlock the value. We work with you to find the solutions that are unique to your business, helping you and your team make sense of it for yourselves. We have a very robust strategic model that we have been using successfully for 15 years with over 600 entrepreneurs and NGOs. We facilitate a process as opposed to telling you what to do.

Strategy Facilitation

The pain: your team is all over the place – the plan is not clear and things have changed so much recently that you are not quite sure where you are headed.

When you are a growing business, making strategic decisions can be really difficult. Using a strategic process, facilitated by an experienced facilitator, can be a powerful way to clarify what results you want in your business.

Working with your team or management team on the direction of the business is a powerful way to clarify what the business needs to focus on to thrive. The team works together to answer key strategic questions that assist you to understand what is important and where the gaps may be. This allows you to create a set of key objectives that will drive the business forward, working towards results that everyone understands.

It’s a very potent process and an amazing way to get a team aligned and working together on the outcomes required to succeed. In twenty years of working like this, it’s been amazing to witness teams getting excited about what is possible for the business and engaging fully to make it happen.

Strategy coaching

The Pain: You are struggling to work out what to focus on, what is important and how you can move forward. You are stuck and unsure…

This is an opportunity to work on key issues that are keeping you from growing to the next level. Many entrepreneurs get stuck in a time trap, not having enough time to work ON the business, because you are stuck working IN the business. This process helps you identify what key tasks to work on to free up your time to level up your business by reducing the overwhelm and the busyness. So you can think properly. This allows you to focus on the decisions that move the business forward successfully.

Attention, focus and clarity allow you to navigate the day-to-day and stay on track to achieving your longer term goals.



Organisational Development

The pain: your team are all over the place and you are not quite sure why. You would like them more aligned and better organised.

We work with you and your team to find solutions. As organisations grow, what worked for 5 people does not work for 15. Different ways of operating are required regarding systems, communication and organisational design. We work with you to find sustainable solutions that allow you to develop your organisation and grow with your team.

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