About us

Our key to success is the unique approach we bring to the art and structure of facilitated business development. Whether that is helping guide a group conversation around a common issue, working with an individual business challenge or facilitating a strategy development process, we believe that you hold the solutions and we help to unlock these and their subsequent value.

We believe that strategic thinking reduces stress and improves the outcomes for any business. We care a lot about whether your business is sustainable. We know how hard business owners work, and it’s important that the work you put in gives you the life you want. Many entrepreneurs work very hard, and never get what they want from their business.

Working with the support of people who understand (and good processes), really makes a difference to how you are able to enjoy your business and be more profitable.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Mignon

I am an experienced strategic facilitator and organisational development coach. Combining my more than 20 years’ experience in facilitation, planning and organisational development, I have assisted leaders and teams to make the best possible use of their resources and abilities.

My personalised and facilitated approach supports leaders and entrepreneurs to think strategically and be more sustainable. This translates into them, and their teams, becoming successful in their organisations and businesses.

After starting my facilitation career in the project management industry with Vodacom, Old Mutual and Metropolitan, I transferred these skills to the entrepreneurial world, where I felt I would make the most impact. Over the course of the next 17 years I have had the privilege of working with over 600 organisations.

I have worked with incubation and acceleration programmes and collaborated with numerous entrepreneurial development agencies including The Cape IT Initiative, The Bandwidth Barn, the Innovation Hub, Softstart BTI and Cape Biotech. I served on the board of the business accelerator, The Bandwidth Barn, in 2010-2011.

I would love to assist your business to grow, be more profitable and more satisfying to you – the business owner.

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